Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Charlie Hebdo debate


       Here is a clip from an article I have read on the Charlie Hebdo story

CANADALAND sided with bigotry, not freedom.


On yesterday’s SHORT CUTS Jesse Brown and Jen Gerson argue that, in the wake of Wednesday’s attack on the magazine’s office in Paris, news outlets ought to share Charlie Hebdo’s racist caricatures of Mohammed.
Alongside many publications at home and abroad, CANADALAND has reproduced a selection of Charlie Hebdo’s most racist cartoons.
Love and respect to Jesse, Jen and CANADALAND, but they’re full of shit.
Jesse’s justification for running the racist cartoons aligns with two common arguments we’ve heard over and over this week.
First, there’s the belief that reproducing the cartoons is vital to news consumers’ understanding of the Paris attack. Second, there’s the belief that running the racist cartoons shouldn’t be a question because it is a simple matter of freedom of speech.
Neither of these beliefs holds up.
Seeing Charlie Hebdo’s racist cartoons is not vital to understanding Wednesday’s attack.



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Of course one will never support violence being used as a form of protest and everyone mourns the death of the twelve people who were killed on Wednesday.


I would like to get readers views on recent events happening in Paris?
What are your views on the Charlie Hebdo cartoons?