Friday, 24 June 2016

Great Britains European Referendum Results : LEAVE WIN and Theresa May is the new Prime Minister


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My views
There is perceived issues with inward migration of European workers.
We have issues with the amount of money we pour into Europe following 2008 when Austerity measures were hitting everyone and services hard.
Our Politicians have lost touch with the people of the country. 

June 24th : The day the nation rose up against an arrogant out of touch political leadership whilest rejecting Brussels Bureaucrats  attempts to govern them from afar.
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What made this victory possible?

·     It began in 2008 with the global crash perceived to be caused by the rich and privileged.
·     Following austerity measures perceived to hit hard the poor and weak. Those who  feel they had no hand in causing the financial crash. This while our money seemed to be pouring into Europe for little or no gain.

·     The patronizing 'We are all in it together' tone by our present government when dealing out auterity measures that seem to only hit the poor and underprivileged. Really? Are we? All the time European workers/migrants seemingly bleeding the system dry.

·     The London has lost touch with the rest of country. This mostly divide fuelled  by property prices and the city of London.

·   The government had not realized the affect austerity would cause people to vote for change no matter what the fear for the future.

Was this essentially
·         a vote against the present leadership team?
·         a vote against the personalities of the present leadership team?.
·         A protest vote against thee establishment

Perhaps this is why our Prime minister did the honorable thing so soon.

I am confused the Chancellor of Exchequer has not yet followed done the same. After all it was his threat of calling an emergency budget which just might have been a threat/ step too far for some un-deciders.
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Where do we go from here?
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The LEAVE leadership need to

·     Realize that austerity was a factor in their victory and act accordingly

·     Honor there pledge to stable net immigration.

·     Gain the trust of the people. Characters and personalities go a long way Mr Boris Johnson but only so far.

·     Be seen to unite the country and again listen to the other 48% of its people.

·     Address the rich/ poor divide. Is it a surprise that the five poorest boroughs in London voted LEAVE.

·     Seriously think about how to unify the country taking into account 48% voted remain. Northern Ireland, Scotland, Republic of Ireland. Can Scotland remain in Europe yet still remain a part of Great Britain?

·      Set out a roadmap very soon including how we go about completing Article 50.

·     Analyze the stats and move forward learning from our mistakes
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Final Thoughts

Do not call a referendum on something so important without first finding out how disillusioned the people you govern are with your leadership and anyone who is associated with them.

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The Future

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'We will build a better Britain not just for the privileged few': Prime Minister Theresa May issues statement of intent

My article called it, and I am glad Theresa May has recognized and called it too. A realization that the Government present had lost touch with the non privileged. 

In order to signify this intent her leadership will look a lot different to the ex Eton  Boys College Chummy club of Mr Cameron
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A Minister for BREXIT recognizes the will of the People. None of this talk about ignoring the democratic decision of the people of the so called less privileged


I would love to get your views. What say you?