Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Terror Attacks in Brussels

Twin blasts hit Zaventem airport at 07:00 GMT, killing 11 and injuring 81, Belgium's health minister said.

Another explosion struck Maelbeek metro station an hour later. Twenty people were killed, Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur said.

Belgium has now raised its terrorism threat to its highest level.

The attacks come four days after Salah Abdeslam, the main fugitive in the Paris attacks, was seized in Brussels.

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Thoughts go out to families and friends of the victims of this mornings attacks on Brussels. In the days to come we will no doubt seek answers as to why and how these events have come to pass.

International Response coming through

Belgium’s Interior Minister Jan Jambon has announced three days of national mourning, writes Oliver Milne.

Jambon is expected to join Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel at Zaventem airport in the next few hours, where they will tour the scene of this morning’s atrocities.

Obama was briefed on the Brussels explosions Tuesday morning at at the U.S. Embassy in Havana, where he was staying on the third day of his Cuban visit, White House officials said.

He spoke to Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel before the speech and offered the condolences of the American people, the White House said. Obama offered U.S. assistance in investigating the attacks.

David Cameron has condemned terror attacks in Brussels as "appalling and savage" as the UK steps up security

Britain faces "a very real terror threat", the PM said, announcing extra patrols at ports, airports, Tube stations and major railway stations.

What is your response to these events that struck right in the heart of our European community?

Monday, 14 March 2016

Marco Rubio, Donald Trump Argue About Whether "Islam Hates Us

During Thursday night's unusually civil debate, Sen. Marco Rubio got into a relatively civil exchange with Donald Trump about his latest horrifically offensive comments about Muslims. "Last night you told CNN, 'Islam hates us,' " moderator Jake Tapper said to Trump.* “Did you mean all 1.6 billion Muslims?"

"I mean a lot of them," Trump said, to a fair amount of cheers. "I mean a lot of them."
After Trump further clarified his point  Sen. Marco Rubio was asked to respond. He did so eloquently.

And so let me give you one. Two days ago, I met this extraordinary couple who are on furlough because they are missionaries in Bangladesh. It's a very tough place to be a missionary. It's Muslim. Their safety and security relies upon friendly Muslims that live alongside them that may not convert but protect them and look out for them... They tell me today they have a hostile environment because the news is coming out that in America leading political figures are saying that America doesn't like Muslims. This is a real impact.

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Comments from the author

Like most people in England I watch the presidential race with amazement as the underdog Trump ascends and surprises. I think people are going fior nthe big chasracters now as people can no longer distinguish one mans underlying politics from the other. Protest vote, fed up vote, change vote? i am not sure. Whjat I do know is that the two most popular names in the race are Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  As time goes on i will look to learmnn more about the other candidates still left in the race.

What are your views on the Presedential race in the USA?