Saturday, 2 July 2016

Solving the problem that is the England National Team


England's 2-1 humiliation at the hands of Iceland - a country with a population the size of Leicester - has gone down as one of the worst results in the country's history. 
It has led to another root and branch review at the Football Association, while England boss Roy Hodgson quit in the immediate aftermath of the defeat.


The Problem

  • No motivation
  • No team spirit
  • No leadership
  • No discipline
  • No respect for shirt they wear
  • No pride
  • Only motivated by money
  • No leaders in the team
Premiership players in my mind are :-
  • Tainted by excess Money
  • Lazy :relying on big signing foreign players to do the real work
  • Arrogant
'Players now are rewarded before they even do anything - they have the nice cars, nice watches. They are robots, just robots. They're told what to do and there's no problem solving on the pitch.' 

The Solution


The England team makeup must be of the following makeup:-

  • 20% or less :players from the Premiership
  • 70% players from the Championship
  • 10%  from League One

The England Manager

  • Get a manager with balls -

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What Are your views ?