Monday, 17 November 2014

Dead Man Walking

History and Debate of Death Penalty 

Criminal punishment is a huge source of controversy in the United States. Opponents often argue that innocent people are sometimes executed and that the main motive is revenge, not true justice. Those who support the death penalty debate that the punishment offers retribution for victims of murder and is more cost efficient than offering life sentences in prison. Whether or not the death penalty will remain legal in the United States has yet to be seen.


We should have the Death Penalty

1. To keep people in prison for their whole lives is inhumane
2. These people have done something worthy of death
3. When someone is a criminal they (most times) do not learn from their actions Ted Bundy said he was proud of his feats till the day he died (of the death penalty)
4. The victims families get real closure
5. people left in prison too long get let out! Charles Manson is going to be getting out of prison because California did not have a death penalty


Is the death penalty morally correct?



We should  not have the Death Penalty

1)  A  civilized society does not solve the problem by putting the perpetrators of heinous crimes to death.
2)  The death penalty creates a whole new set of victims.  Perpetrators of the crime(s) for which they've been executed have loved ones and friends who grieve for them.
3)  All too often, mistakes are made.  People are often killed who turn out to be innocent of the crime for which they've been executed, the person who actually committed the crime is later found, and often ends up getting off scott-free.
4)  The death penalty is all too often used as a discriminatory tool.  Very poor people, particularly non-whites, are much more likely to end up on Death Row, and to be executed for their crimes.
5)  The death penalty is no more a deterrent to murder than life imprisonment.  If a criminal is that hardened, s/he will not stop to weigh the consequences of his or action(s).
6)   Many prison inmates, especially those who've had to dig the grave(s) of executed inmates and help with their burials, have reverted back to much worse behavior and more aggression after being traumatized by witnessing such a horrible event.




Death Penalty around the world

An increase in executions by a small minority of countries that continue to buck international trends moving away from the death penalty meant that we recorded more executions in 2013 than for each of the previous four years.